Closet Conundrums is an especially lush site with abundant and gorgeous fellow Asian hunks and the author himself posing in remarkable and plentiful array. Nor does this blog ignore anyone or any race, of course, for that matter, as his blog entry regarding a Corbin Fisher sporting extravaganza shows. He usually features a guy - often himself and that is definitely not a bad thing! - or a rap about those things that motivate bloggers like politics or impressions of events or art. Below that he consistently places 20-30 hot thumbnail pictures of remarkably hot guys, doing what they do best - looking good. He has extremely good taste, for my money, and he is one consistent man in his love for the male body. This is a very lush site, visually. The thumbnail pictures all open into something larger and usually either high definition or close to it. For the guy who is looking to find something hot to dwell on, this site definitely has that in spades. Consistently stylish, fresh and with a stable of pictures to take your breath away, this guy has himself a great site!

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