As soon as Closet Conundrums loads up, you know the blog belongs to an Asian fella. Phillipino to be exact. I always like the things they put together online personally. There's always a certain "flamboyishness" to their creations. Next time you buy some exotic asian tea or something, just look at the box and how ornate it is. Indeed. Our blogger here is featuring some very unique men to say the least. At least, I've never seen a lot of these men before. Not all are Asian though. He seems to really dig the muscled-up white dudes too. With each set of photos is a little blurb here and there, but he definitely focuses more on the visual. Entries go back as far as March 2006, so there is no shortage of hotties to look at that's for sure. The "Random Pics" vertical marquee in the right sidebar was a nice thing to check out. Nothing spectacular here really. While the author does get into some personal ramblings and whatnot, he seems to cheer himself and all of us up with pics of really really hot men. It's blogs like this that make me realize how much I love muscle. Enjoy!!

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