I'm not saying that's gay, but it does seem a little...what's the word...faggy that the news has leaked via Just Jared that ex-American Idol Runner-Up, Clay Aiken, has a boyfriend that's a) hotter than the earth's core and b) has the most talked about penis since Fleshbot wrote about the dilemma they - and almost everyone I've shown the image of that penis to - find themselves in: It that the penis of Jeff Walker, Clay Aiken's assumed-to-be boyfriend? Like I said: faggy.

But here's the thing, Clay Aiken came in second that second year by less than 150K votes (out of 24 million cast) and has sold more albums than any other performer from season two of American Idol. Clay has appeared on People magazine announcing his homoism - Americans were shocked, shocked I tell you - and the birth of his son, Parker, and has managed to stay productive. So it shouldn't come as too terrible a surprise that he found 2xist underwear model Jeff Walker. Yes, that 2xist underwear model, Jeff Walker. who has cock specialists aflutter with the possibility that Clay Aiken has scored the next big thing in love and possibly in gay porn. I mean, transitions happen every day and, well, underwear' does have a shelf life.

And I don't mean to insult Mr. Walker, but you're practically a gay porn sensation now! The specialists at Fleshbot confirm that all three pictures from GayLocker.com are of the same man but without a head to go with that wonderful cock, we're - pardoned the pun - fucked. So, I don't know, Jeff. Can't you just make a gay porn or something? Or take a better pictures!

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