Classic Bodybuilders

Those poses, those posing pouches, that color, even the backgrounds, everything here harks back to the early days of erotic photography when the models were muscle guys posing. But Classic Bodybuilders isn't necessarily an erotic site, it's more to do with collecting together galleries of vintage photos showing bodybuilders flexing and posing; if you find that erotic then you've got another incentive for taking a look. This is a free site (that makes it money from adverts judging by the unnecessarily huge amount of them that confuse the pages) that gives you links to where you can buy related videos, while linking you to a blog about the sport, and places where you can buy supplements if you partake in the sport. And while it is doing all that selling, it also shows you lots of galleries.

These are on the home page and, for me, were the most interesting thing, because they came with a few details and some background about the men they were introducing me to. I have to say, the pages are a bit cluttered with those ads, but at the same time you have got a lot of historic and interesting bodybuilding facts and figures here figures in more ways than one!

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