CIRCLE JERK BOYS specializes in straight boys who like to jerk off for everyone. With such a large collection of men, they never seem to bore you at all. Boy-next-door types like Shawn are a prime example of what they keep delivering. With his cute goatee, dirty leer and thick cock, he epitomizes what Circle Jerk Boys has in store for those following this type of kink. As straight as Shawn is, he claims he adores the fact that men from all over the world are watching him play with his meat and stare into the camera. Let's see how much he really does enjoy it.


I'm positive Shawn knows how much we'd like to be on our knees pleasing him. And I'm even more positive he wouldn't push your head away when you went to put your mouth on his organ. In fact, I honestly believe he'd only feed your hungry hole even more!


There's the closeup that makes scenarios like this superb. I'm thankful that guys like Shawn will let us see him please himself so. Just think about all the men out there in the great big world stroking their dicks, thinking about....whatever. Scenes like this bring us right into men's bedrooms from everywhere!


I still say Shawn needs a partner to help him get that sweet cock of his off. The look on his face right now tells me I'm probably right. Check out CIRCLE JERK BOYS everyone and see what else this bad boy gets up to. How far will he go? There's only one way to really find out. Read our review of this fantastic site and see for yourself. With a score of 4 stars, how can you go wrong? Gaydemon knows it's stuff.

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