Citizen Crain is an important blog written by Chris Crain - a name many will be familiar with from his days writing for The Advocate and other publications. In fact, it is almost hard describing how this blog is important. Chris has gained a perspective which is unique to many of us. He has worked in all those places - as a lawyer - that we read about as "mattering", nationally and internationally. Vanderbilt, Harvard Law, Chris has run what is the standard pipeline which would have led to a life of power in a straight world. However, something happened. "Coming out" was huge and he felt his core values changing. Raised as a standard-issue conservative, Chris began penetrating the veil of normality and found a completely different view. His story is not only compelling, but his honesty may be even more so. He now travels between Rio and the US because of his partner's inability to immigrate as a "spouse" and he chronicles this tale along with his other observations about political and social life in the world. By far what is most interesting to Chris is his maverick nature. This is a man who seeks the truth amidst all the tomfoolery of politics and even of our own social conventions. He is not pandering - ever - to anyone. He presents the incisive and very deep takes a loving but thinking person can discover and, as he admits, he learns as he goes. His humility nearly overtakes his insight, frankly, as an intriguing quality. You will not find cheerleading in this blog but you will be made to think. I cannot praise this blog high enough. In fact, I am humbled but charged up in finding it. I honestly wish everyone would check him out.

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