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Matéo Grande headed back to Circle Jerk Boys this week, and this time, he he brought reinforcements. The horny, 19-year-old Cuban stud is hot enough with his 8-inch, uncut cock, but bringing along two of his best basketball buddies and their cocks is a special treat. Johnny Vino is 18 years old and Peter Soma is twenty. And out this threesome, Mateo has the biggest cock. The guys do some posing in their underwear, and then, more posing completely nude in the Circle Jerk Boys locker room. And finally they take up their spots: one on each of the two benches and a third on the floor. They all stroke their cocks. Johnny and Mateo are knee to knee and pounding their stiffies. Eventually, sensing a blast off is imminent, Peter positions himself between his two buddies and places a basketball between their legs. Then the three buddies start covering the basketball with their spunk. Mateo shoots first, then Johnny, and finally Peter blasts his load all over the ball. What an interesting way for three basketball buddies to bond!

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