Circle Jerk

Kaio, Rafael and Roney have all done many photo shoots and videos for Bang Bang Boys. Ranging in ages from 19 to 26, and in cock sizes from 7 to 9.5-inches, these three Brazilian studs seemed a perfect trio for Bang Bang Boys second circle jerk. The first one was so well-received and generated a heap of e-mail. So they got the boys together and headed to this amazing location in the hills, complete with a swimming pool. When they arrived it was hot and the sun was blazing so the guys decided to go for a nude swim. These guys have amazing bodies, well-defined and smooth, but Kaio has the tightest body of the three. He's sporting a ripped six pack. He's also got the biggest cock - a beautiful 9.5 inch uncut piece of Brazilian meat. Rodney is the stud with the sleeve of tattoos and Felipe is the youngest, at 19 years old. (He's actually my favourite, I love his dark skin.) The guys get out of the pool and let the warm sun dry them off. And slowly, they all start to get their cocks hard. With their feet dangling in the pool, each of the guy jacks his uncut cock and leans back to shoot a juicy load of cum all over his belly.

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