I love sucking cock -- adore it. So when I see a cigar-smokin' Daddy like Jeff Parker sitting back in a chair getting his cock smoked by a big, beefy bear, I start looking for something to do with my own mouth. Jeff Parker is wearing a pair of jeans and he's bare-chested under his leather vest. He clips on a pair of tit clamps and then sits back while Leo Matthews starts unzipping his jeans. Sitting in his jockstrap, Parker smokes his cigar and lets Leo go to work, tugging on those nipple clamps with his teeth and getting his mouth wrapped around Parker's cock. Eventually the guys move to the bed, Leo lies back and Parker straddles his barrel chest. Still smoking his cigar, Parker leans back and shoves his ass right into Leo's face. Once he gets his dick good and hard, Parker gets Leo on his knees and fucks his big ass. And after having his fill of the bear's butt, he fucks his face while Leo jacks off a thick load of cum all over his big, hairy belly. All the while, Parker never stops smoking that cigar.

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