Cigar Boots

Men with cigars are what Cigar Boot is all about. Hard men, older men, bearded men, tattooed men, fit guys and all ages, too, but all with one thing in common: Their cigar is as smoking as they are! Yes, there are lots of tough guys as you might expect - that kind of image goes with the cigar smoker these days; cops, leather men, guys in jocks, and muscled guys who should know better than to be smoking. But let's not get on a high horse about that. If you're into cigar-smoking hunks, then this is the blog for you. You can follow it, hook up with other followers, see the regular posts and join in the fun. The images come from all over the net and they get collected and posted here regularly. The sources of these images are linked as well so you can slip over to other sites from here to see more of the same. The blog is run by a 50 year old gay man who is, unsurprisingly, into cigars and boots, plus leather and other kinds of kink.

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