ford holland

Ford Holland is one sexy, hairy daddy. This 51-year-old masculine man is one of the favorites over at Pantheon Bear and Hot Older Male. He's appeared in six videos for Pantheon Bear and he's fucked some lucky bastard's ass in each of them. He's also been featured in two videos over at Hot Older Male. And the good news is that when you join Pantheon Bear you also get access to Hot Older Male as a bonus, so one membership lets you see every video this cigar-smoking daddy has filmed.

Ford Holland lives in Nashville and he's usually dressed like a redneck with his wife beater, plaid shirt, and ball cap. Redneck or not, this hairy daddy could wear anything he wanted, although I'd prefer nothing at all, as long as he was pumping my mouth full of dick. And he's got a nice one crowned with a big nob.

In this photo gallery, hairy daddy Ford Holland is smoking a cigar and stroking his cock. And then in the last few frames, he lets a stream of piss fly out of his cock and urinates all over the laundry room floor. If you're not into piss, don't worry; Ford's videos are more about getting his big dick serviced by a hungry mouth or a juicy butt.

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