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Older fat guys are either an acquired taste or something you've always been into. My first gay experiences were with an older man who was a bit on the heavy side. Of course, he was hung like a horse as well. LOL. This blog doesn't portray much in the way of hardcore porn and some of the daddies aren't even naked. Although there are a few pappas featured that will certainly get a rise out of any mature chubby chasers out there. These are all amateur men of course. I don't think that many big gay porn sites would pay to have these guys perform. Irregardless, I'm into these guys and I know there has to be other men and boys out there who feel the same way. No one has to know that you admire the fat grandpa two doors down. Maybe he hasn't had a decent blowjob in years? That would be my entrance. But no really, if fat older guys float your boat you may just have some fun here.

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