Other than those who consider themselves Bear chasers and the like, there are actually quite a few folks on the planet who like chubby and fat men. I for one don't mind them. And I know a fair amount of women who do as well. Now, we're not talking obese here. Let's face it, some dudes just wear it better than others. Chubarama deals with nothing but men with extra weight on them. And not in a muscular sense. Most are actual celebrities or those with some form of notoriety in the public eye. Occassionally you'll see someone you don't really know, however the author may find them attractive or interesting and so they feature them. Text doesn't seem to be a large part of the blog. Pictures are where it's at. Even if you don't appreciate men with a bit of extra blubber, you'll still be amazed at how some of your usually svelte mega hunks look sometimes. So if you like surprises, check out this blog if you get a chance.

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