There are some porn stars who just get on the set, wank, suck and/or fuck and then go home and live their "regular" lives. Then there are other porn stars who go beyond that and voice their opinions on various topics; anything from how they feel about bareack sex scenes to how to douche to get an extra clean, crisp asshole for a hot and horny sexy session! Yes, some of them do go that XXX-tra mile.

One such porner is Christopher Daniels. He is not afraid to say things how he sees them, and I really like the way that he calls himself a "porn-star-hooker" and doesn't see it as something negative but rather something that he owns and is proud of. YOU BETTA WERQ! In this day and age when most people are afraid to be labeled certain things for fear of the consequences they might have, Christopher's "I am who I am & if you don't like it then fuck you" attitude is something that is refreshing and ultimately just FUN!

Daniels recently recorded a youtube video on the power of the word "FAGGOT." He wears a shirt that has this word printed on the front, and he talks about the strange reactions he gets from people around the U.S when he wears this shirt. He says that it's high time that we gays take away the negativity that word has in order to take it back and just OWN it!

Many people will disagree with this and they will say that no matter how much they "own" that word, that when someone who is not gay calls someone gay a "FAGGOT" that it automatically takes on a negative meaning. So over to you now, the loyal (and forever horny) GayDemon readers. What do YOU think? Is faggot "our" word to use on a whim or is it a word that should never be used regardless of who uses it. Let's hear it!

And enjoy the video!

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