Christopher Daniels Disses Chris Crocker

Sexy blonde hunk Christopher Daniels has worked with some of the biggest names in porn like Titan Men and Lucas Entertainment, but it doesn't stop there! This hottie is very versatile - he is also a model and dancer, but what he is not is a fan of Chris Crocker.

Recently, Christopher blogged about the fact that he was not very keen on some of the crap on T.V at the moment. I mean seriously, how many more episodes of "The Kardashians" can we be exposed to before our brains simply stop working from boredom? He then talked about a documentary he watched about AIDS activist Vito Russo which he said made him cry twice. I saw that documentary, too, and yes, it seriously is that good.

Chris Crocker's HBO special "Me @ The Zoo" was on afterward, and Christopher wrote that he couldn't make it past 45 minutes 'cos before he started to feel " annoyed, sick to my stomach and confused." He then asks "Is this who young people look up to?"

I'm sure that there are a lot of people that feel the same way about Chris Crocker, and I am also very sure that there are others out there that believe Chris Crocker is the best thing since spunk-lube! Whatever you feel about him, do you think Christopher was hating on Chris Crocker just to be negative or was he simply giving his honest opinion on someone he obviously dislikes?

Over to you, the Gaydemon readers, to voice your opinion!

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