There is no denying that porno bad-boy Christian Wilde knows how to fuck a gay senseless. He has fucked, fucked and done some more fucking for some of the biggest names in porn. He's topped for Hot House, Falcon and, however he has never ever opened his back door to any gay.

Well, it looks like 2013 will be the year that Christian will open up his sugar walls and finally get himself filled with cock! Yes, has officially announced that not only would they be extending his exclusive contract to 2013 but that his fans were in for a treat. Now the only question is who will be the hunk to take his mussy's cherry? I think it might have to be a big, husky butch slut to tame the likes of Christian.

So, thank god the world didn't end in 2012 or we would have TOTALLY missed this ass shattering news! You HOMOS know that as soon as we get more details of Christian Wilde's "grand opening" you'll be the first ones to know! Here's to 2013... oh, and of course BUTT SEX!!

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