Christian Wilde Signs With Naked Sword

There are no divided opinions when it comes to porn stud Christian Wilde. Some gays really love his fat thick cock and others think he acts pretty much like a brainless cock. Either way this guy never gets a "blah" kind of reaction from gay porn fanatics.

Christian has been married (allegedly); he's also done a bit of straight porn and, of course, he has had some kinky times with a tranny but he has yet to go "full on" with another dude. Well, this might be his chance now that Naked Sword has signed him up to be their first exclusive. According to Wilde himself, the only thing that he has gotten up his ass is a cheeky finger but hopefully he'll be getting more than just a finger up that tight hole now that he is working with a big gay porn studio.

Christian Wilde with Austin Wilde

Hung hottie Austin Wilde has been tweeting with Christian and of course they've been talking about... what else? Getting Austin's massive cock up Christian's tight virgin booty. Austin said that if 100 followers retweeted that he should pop Christian's butt-cherry that it would happen. Well, that remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Christian Wilde is gonna get some gay dick real soon and this gay couldn't be happier.

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