jp dubois and christian wilde

Gangster boss Paddy O'Brian has already had a crack at JP Dubois and fucked his ass silly over on World of Men. Paddy is playing a gangster boss and with this second scene the story continues to unfold. JP has been running money for the boss, but O'Brian has discovered that his cocky employee has helped himself to some of the money. O'Brian needs to make sure this never happens again.

JP Dubois is summoned to O'Brian's office where he finds bodyguards Blue Blake and Christian Wilde alongside the boss. Paddy orders JP to strip, then he strips himself and jumps up on the chest of drawers to order out the lad's sentencing. He has to service Christian Wilde's big dick.

I don't know about you, but this doesn't sound like very good incentive to ensure an employee isn't going to continue stealing your money. Not especially when JP is bent over a table and fucked silly. All the while, Paddy is barking out the orders in his Cockney accent. It's pretty hot. And when Paddy gives the order for everyone to cum, it's a three-load spray fest!

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