A couple of weeks ago we reported that Randy Blue porn stud Chris Rockway was leaving the gay porn world and heading towards the pussy pastures of straight porn. Well, Chris (or Cash Hunter, his new straight porn name) is back in the spotlight but this time for very different reasons.

Chris had announced on his "GoFundMe" page that he needed spinal surgery and he needed $22,000 dollars to cover the cost. He posted the link to his page on his twitter account but now the page is nowhere to be seen. The Sword posted the description of his "GoFundMe" page before it disappeared and it said the following:

" So, I'll make this simple. I need spinal surgery, the sooner the better. I have been uninsurable for sometime because of my spinal issues. I'll save you the medical jargon. Instead, I'll go straight to the point. I no longer can work, I have difficulty performing the simpliest of daily tasks, and am in a great deal of pain. Without this surgery it seems questionable that I will ever walk upright again, and pain killers will become like daily vitamins.

My quote not including medications, rehabilitation, and the unexpecteds is $22,150.00. I'm not sure how high it will really be in the end, but of course every bit helps. I will be keeping everyone updated on my progress as much as possible. Thank you for reading and take care of your backs."

Now that his page has been taken down and his tweets on twitter have been few and far between, it's difficult to know exactly what is going on with this hunk and what will be happening for him in the future. It's all a bit confusing and strange right now but you can bet your bottom dollar that this is sooo not the end of this story!

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