Chris Rockway Is Now a Str8 Porner

When you work in the porn biz nothing is written in stone, not even sexuality. So it cums as no surprise when some porn studs go from straight porn to gay porn and vice-versa. This is a trend that we are seeing more and more of. Some think it's good while others think that all this porn musical chairs is not only confusing but ultimately annoying as well.

The latest hunky performer to turn from gay to straight porn is none other than muscle hottie, Chris Rockway. Chris had started his porn career and worked steadily with Randy Blue since 2006, and he had loads and loads of scenes with various Randy Blue hunks. Recently Chris gave an interview and said:

Porn "is not real sex. It's a lot of work. Sexually, I can disconnect myself from what I want from a woman, and I can act those things out with men, be physical. I'm straight but not narrow."

Chris Rockway sucking cock

Not only has Chris Rockway changed from banging gay ass to banging va-jay-jay, but he has also had a change of name; now he is known as Cash Hunter. Well, if you're gonna take the plunge ya gotta go all the way, name change and everything!

I'm sure that many will be disappointed with this news but I think that as I said before, nothing is written in stone in porn, and if Mr. Rockway made the change from gay to straight he will have no problem going back to dudes if he needs or wants to.

Will you be missing this muscular hunk fucking some hot sweet gay butt or will you not even notice? Have your say!

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