Chris Rockway Got Surgery

Last week we wrote about hunky Randy Blue model Chris Rockway needing your money to get spinal surgery. He needed $22,000 to cover the costs and expenses and had opened up a "GoFundMe" page which was very shortly taken down.

A lot of people thought that this was just a quick way for the sexy stud to make a quick buck, and that he was exaggerating the urgency of his operation. Well, it seems as though Chris got enough money together and had the operation he so desperately needed.

Besides tweeting that his surgery was set for last Wednesday, StarfuckerMagazine also posted the picture above of Chris in full hospital gear looking quite cheery and recovering well. He also mentioned that he was not sure when he would be returning to filming porn but he would be back to Randy Blue's "camming live" from his home. So I'm guessing that he is not fully going to retire "Chris Rockway" in favor of his straight porn self, "Cash Hunter." Well, I guess now that he's got his surgery , he's gotta pay the bills and we ALL know that gay porn pays hunky studs WAY more than straight porn does!

It's great to see Chris on the road to recovery and hopefully we will be seeing way more of this stud in sexy, slutty gay porn action!

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