What could we possibly say about Perez Hilton that hasn't already been said? The new father of a bouncing baby boy might have changed his ways from "venomous bitch" to "care bear daddy", but some people are deffo not buying the soft side of Perez, who now plays nice.

One of those people is porner turned rapper Chris Porter. He has been performing music since 2007. He first started off in a punk band before he turned to rap under the name "Stose". Porter has rapped about the porn industry but this time he lets loose on Perez Hilton, and one thing is for sure - he has got NO LOVE whatsoever for the "queen of all media".

The song lovingly titled "Fuck Perez Hilton" pretty much slams him from beginning to end, questioning how anyone could have given "this guy" a baby. He then goes on to rap about the whole "faggot" incident. I'm sure most of you don't care to remember but there was a time when Perez himself called Will.I.AM a faggot and then threw a hissy-fit on twitter when rapper Azealia Banks called him the "f" word via twitter.

While I am sure Perez might not even bother with this video, I'm sure Stose got it all off his chest. I leave you know with the video for the song. What do you homos think about Stose's new song and more importantly his rapping skills? Take the mic, queers!

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