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Chris Porter started doing porn in 2009 'cos he said that he needed the money, so he sent out his pics to every studio out there until they came knocking on his door. Well, it was obviously only a matter of time before this hunk was simply everywhere! He worked with Lucas Entertainment, Falcon, Dirty Boy Video and then signed an exclusive contract with Raging Stallion.

But it seems as though things weren't going too well, and Chris was thinking about quitting porn altogether 'cos he said that he was simply "not having fun anymore." He didn't like the drama that goes along with some of the gay porn world, and said he became too jaded in a very short period of time. So, what was this sexy pornstar to do?

Well, he made some changes, and once his contract with Raging Stallion was up, he took his fine ass to Randy Blue and of course they are not idiots and signed this fit hottie up! They went beyond just giving him a few scenes; they have given Chris an exclusive contract that will see him working with all the studio's hottest studs. (Personally, I think Danny Harper could fuck the gay outta Chris! That would be so HOT!)

Mr.Porter (sounds like a naughty school teacher!) has already done his first solo scene and it's deliciously sexy. He is looking tanned, hunky and very, very horny! So class, let's review what we have learned today: Randy Blue + Chris Porter = homo-heaven!

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