What is a gay porner to do when life gets too stressful and they want to get away from it all? Well, if you're Chris Porter you pack up, take your hunky boyfriend Samuel Colt and move to (where else?) Greece!

Yes, it seems as though Chris has taken the plunge and has moved from chilly San Francisco to the financially crippled Greece. This sounds like really bad timing as almost every news story that comes from there is pretty much..well.. bad.

Samuel Colt has announced that they will be flying back to the U.S frequently for work. He revealed that he would be heading back to the America in May for IML, Folsom in September and Thanksgiving. Chris, however, has been a bit quieter about his porn plans but has taken to twitter to let us all in on his move to Greece and his current trip to Luxor, Egypt.

Change as they say is always good and I am sure that Chris and Samuel will be very happy starting out this new stage in their lives and we wish them nothing but the best of sunny days and warm Mediterranean breezes! Enjoy boys and keep us posted on twitter with sexy pics that will make us all wish we were there!

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