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Some porn stars do more than suck and fuck. Handsome Christopher Daniels, for example, besides being the star of numerous suck-and-fuck extravaganzas, is now the author of a book...about sucking and fucking. And, well, being paid to suck and fuck. Money's on the Dresser: Escorting, Porn and Promiscuity in Las Vegas is the title of Chris's first autobiographical book, available now in print and eBook format, and it focuses on the sexy Canadian's experiences as a hustler over the past few years. According to Daniels, the book is "a series of my real-life adventures in the worlds of adult entertainment and escorting, and reveals both the dark side and the more touching of two of the world's oldest professions."

Chris began working as an escort in 2009 following the breakup of a relationship. Of course, he went on to appear in movies for numerous studios, including Titan Men, Raging Stallion, COLT and Bound Jocks, and was named Rentboy's Mr. International Escort of the Year in 2013. Now, he's ready to share this collection of stories about the many, many men who hired him. "From those with physical deformities," he writes, "to gorgeous men I could only fantasize being with. Over the years, some of these men became mentors and friends while others made me want to run out of the room screaming!" Speaking of screamers, Daniels is already at work on a sequel about his time in the porn industry. Oh, good! To order, visit (for U.S. orders) and (for international).

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