Chris Crocker & Boyfriend Call It Quits

This must not be a very good moment for our "leave Britney alone" super-fan turnedYouTube-celebrity turned recording-artist turned porn-star Chris Crocker. He has just announced that he and his boyfriend Justin Globe have broken up.

Now, this would be difficult under most circumstances 'cos as we gays know very well, breaking up is hard to do - however this breakup might be a tad more awkward 'cos these two have just shot a porno with Maverick Men, allegedly. So, with the break up comes the announcement from Chris himself to let everyone know about their relationship status which he describes as "friendly" and that he would like people to please be understanding of his situation.

Some are being sympathetic with Chris while others, well, not so much. Some comments have been made that this is all just a stunt to get more publicity for their up and coming porn movie together, that they were never really going out in the first place and that this is just an attempt to get more media attention. Whatever the case, I think most are just waiting to see "Thrustin' Justin" make his porn debut 'cos there are a lot of gays that are just waiting to see that tall drink of water pound some hot HOMO ass!

So here is Chris doing what EVERYONE does right after their breakup - uploading their video up to YouTube.. like.... DUH!

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