Chris Crocker Barebacks Boyfriend For Lucas Ent Chris Crocker Barebacks Boyfriend For Lucas Ent

Being a porn star used to be the kiss of death, if you wanted to transition into a so-called straight show biz career. But now it seems to be a launching pad to bigger things. Look at Brent Corrigan, as it hasn't hurt his dual careers. Now Chris Crocker hopes to follow in his footsteps. He was best known for his famous "Leave Britney Alone!" video. Wanting to bare his soul even more he filmed a wild bareback sex romp for Maverick Men. Sharing the screen with his then-boyfriend Justin.

Wanting even bigger exposure, he has now teamed up with Lucas Entertainment. First up, 'Chris Crocker's Raw Love', a continuation of his bareback sex ways with Justin. Which makes the scene even hotter, as you can tell they are so horny for each other. The set-up is a romantic dinner. Chris is hungry, but not for food. It is Justin's huge cock he is salivating over. After a glass of wine, things heat up as Chris begins to suck off Justin's big, fat cock. Slurping up all of the pre-cum that is dripping from his dick. Not content with just his cock, Chris begins to eat out of Justin's ass.

After lubricating Justin's hole with his saliva, Chris begins thrusts his rock hard cock up Justin's ass. Hot, hard and raw is the best way to describe the amount of fucking that goes between the two. Justin can't stand it any longer and has to cum really badly. The pièce de résistance the hot shot of cum splashed on Chris face. Which he loves as it is the cherry on the top of a sundae. Or is it the cream? Either way this desert was the best way to end this most romantic dinner.

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