Chris Cocker Continues To Tease

It really isn't easy being Chris Cocker. The guy is famous for all the wrong reasons to some, while others think that he is what freedom of raging gay hormones & free speech is all about. Either way Chris doesn't take shit from and anyone, and that alone gives him XXX-TRA HOMO point in my book!

Recently a lot of people have been bad mouthing Chris, talking about his porn career that never really happened, (despite being nominated for an award for best new comer), and now some gays are actually referring to him as "it." Well, what do you do when you have had enough and want to show the world you are not an "it" but more than obviously a BIG HE? Well, if you're Chris Cocker, you take a pic of your deliciously meaty cock and you upload it to twitter, OF COURSE!

I have to say that if Chris Cocker doesn't get into porn we would all miss out on quite a luscious cock, and he just looks "cock hungry" at all times - and let's face it; that look is hard to fake! I should know. I have been fired from so many jobs for having cock on my mind or maybe a little bit of cum on my face!

Let's see if anyone will call Chris Cocker "unfuckable" or an "it" after taking a look at this cock-shot! I, for one, would suck, sit, crouch over, bend over back-wards and frontwards for a piece of meat like that! TRUST!

Get more of Chris Cocker's hot pervy shots and now VIDEO of his cock jerking ways on his TUMBLR

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