Hungry for some HOT Spanish chorizo sausage? Chris' huge meat is enough to satisfy any man's voracious appetite. Today we honour some great frontal shots of Chris and his edible bone. Much thanks go to UK NAKED MEN for capturing such a fine Latin specimen in all his glory. Let's take a little tour and check out more of Chris' splendid sausage, shall we?


Chorizo Sausage is a favoured food in Spain, yet I'm very sure that this piece of meat would go over very nicely. Note how it glistens and tantalizes your taste buds, begging you to take a nibble and savour the spicy, mouthwatering flavour. This is a dish best eaten slowly. Make it last forever. Rushing a meal like this you may miss something. You wouldn't want to do that.


While devouring your sausage, you may want to explore with your hands, for the treasures are boundless. Nipples to tweak, a tight, hairy butthole to finger, and masculine smells to enhance your experience. I'm positive Chris wouldn't mind. He may even make like a Matador and skew you with his huge sabre.


Love the look on Chris' face. You know he's feeling good thinking about a talented mouth working his spicy meat. Any takers? Single file now boys! I'm sure guys will be cumming out of the woodwork to get a piece of this mega-hunk. So you want more of Chris and his throbbing chorizo? I'm sure UK NAKED MEN can fulfill your hunger. Eat up men!

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