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The fur really flies in the latest from Rascal Video and legendary director Chi Chi LaRue. Teddy Bear: A Hairy Tale features a group of especially hirsute models (though a couple barely pass with a few straggly chest hairs, but we're going to overlook that because they're hot!). Christopher Daniels leads the all-star cast as a single loser who cuddles up to his teddy bear one night after a disappointing blind date. The stuffed animal manages to turn him on in a bizarre opening solo. Meanwhile, Daniels' hot roomie Dirk Caber is getting pounded by beefy Alessandro Del Toro's uncut piece right next door. Neighbor Brad Kalvo gets into hair worship with cutie Trey Turner. And Channel 1 Releasing superstar Johnny Hazzard is so distracted by pool boy Josh Long (who has a major bath mat of torso fur!) that he bends over.

In the final scene, Christopher gets a plushy surprise when his teddy bear comes to life (!) in the form of CJ Madison in a red cap. Together they share an intense flip-flop fuck. This scene is a highlight for Daniels, who somehow manages to keep a straight face for his moments with the stuffed bear. But this is no joke: Teddy Bear is a must-see for serious fur fetishists. For more information, visit C1R.com.

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