It reads like a cross between a royal wedding and what Lady Gaga can accomplish on a toilet break: Three days, three events and those fucking Grabbys. Starting off on Thursday, May 26th, Chi Chi LaRue will appear at the Official Grabby - there's that word again - Weekend Kickoff Party called Skin Trade 2011 which is presented in part by - surprise! - Channel 1 Releasing. It's a schlongfest of gay (white) pornness featuring CR1 Exclusives Brent Everett and Jimmy Durano and featuring Dean Monroe, imminently fuckable Tony Buff, Steven Daigle and Cameron Adams.

Theeen...on Saturday, May 28th, Chi Chi will continue to lead the weekend's festivities by once again serving as host for the Grabbys, the most painfully-named awards show in painfully-named awards show history. I mean, at least the Razzies give awards out for, from as the name implies, the worst of something. (Here's the Wikipedia link.) But the Grabbys? That sounds like something some Benson-and-Hedges chain-smoking queen would come up with as a punchline after slurping down one too many Tuesday night specials.

But I digress.

Meanwhile, just before your head explodes from liquor, pot and tampons, the Chi Chi Chicago train heads over to Spin nightclub at 800 West Belmont to help you dance so hard your feet will cross over to the other leg!

If you're gay and in Chicago, this is your weekend, baby. Make mine a double!

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