I never get tired of the incredibly good looking men that BANG BANG BOYS manage to acquire for their shoots. This is Ben's first time on camera but you'd never know it because this burnin' hunk of latin love is a total natural. With a drop dead gorgeous face, rock-hard chiseled physique and huge cock, he no doubt has all the tools necessary for pulling off a fantastic shoot. But when he cums on cue and rubs it all over himself, the shoot becums undeniably out of this world!


These brown guys sure get my juices flowing when I see them pulling on their huge puds like this. There's something so genuine about a well-produced video capture. Bang Bang Boys know what the hell they're doing that's for sure.


Look at that fucking meat! Damn. It would be hard (get it? he he) to decide what to get into first. That thick luscious cock meat or Ben's perfectly displayed, darkskinned buttocks. Although I never turn down a huge cock, I think I would start with his sphincter in order to get his cock even harder. Bottom's up!


Hello Ben! What did I tell ya? He's pretty hot eh? BANG BANG BOYS has been more than kind enough to include a free video preview of sweet latin hunk Ben here. He blows a huge nut and rubs it into his skin like his favourite moisturizer. Well they say cum is good for the complexion. Guess there's only way to find out. He He.

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