You know, there are a ton of people on the boob tube and elsewhere, nattering about 'Traditional Family Values' and yet over time, they are the one's caught with their pants down, when they should be zipped up. I don't get it, about how some think that it is okay to rant, rave, and point fingers, at what other's do, when they themselves not only do it, but crave it, need it.

Then there is the whole group who think, well I need more money, so instead of producing quality stuff, instead of offering value so people will buy, they use devious means to sucker people into spending their hard earned cash.

I guess if one had all the money just given to them, it wouldn't matter so much, or hurt so much. Yet that isn't how it works, now does it? I mean most of us work damn hard for what we earn. We have bills to pay, like mortgages, car loans, groceries, and assorted other essentials. Like heating oil, gas for the old gas guzzler of a car, electricity to keep the computer on, so it isn't easy to see $50 or $100 get taken out of our pockets, because of someone's dirty little tricks.

Sure, there is the flip side to that, where we, as consumers, expect a whole lot of bang for our buck. I mean who wants to spend $60 for a video that has maybe one or two good sex scenes in it, when we can snag the video for free off some cheating tube site? Yet at the same time, we bitch about that $60 price tag. Yet we don't seem to comprehend that the price is partially due to the amazing amount of piracy going on.

But that is a different topic. What gets me, as a consumer is the sites that trick us into joining, without fully disclosing just what we are buying. Like a few that have hidden down at the very bottom of the join page, check boxes to take 3 or 5 day trials on other sites in their network.

It really pisses me off, because the default is set to 'on/yes' and if you don't cancel them before they expire, well there goes $50 to $100 of my hard earned cash.

Sure, it is MY obligation to check, but hey, I just found a great site with some super sexy guys, and the old pecker is sticking up, so like I am gonna scroll all the way down to see what else they got? I am hitting that 'join now' button so I can get the lube and towel out and the hand stroking. I am not worrying, or even thinking, about what legal stuff is listed at the bottom of the page.

That's how I get suckered in, as do lots of other horny guys and gals. Which ticks me off, because you know, cheating just isn't right. Yet it isn't cheating, according to them, it is simply aggressive marketing.

Yeah right, and the Pope supports same sex marriage.

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