New Feature: Chaturbate with GayDemon

Chaturbate with GayDemon

Noah Webster (the dictionary dude) would roll over in his grave if he ever heard the bastardization of language that is the word "Chaturbate." Roll over, pull down his mid-19th century leggings, whip out his ancient cock, and flip on his webcam for some newfangled chaturbating. Bitch was hung. Too bad the closest he had to a webcam was an abacus. What was an exhibitionist to do in 1840? Flash a sewing circle?

Leap ahead to now and Chaturbate makes it easy for exhibitionists to show off and for voyeurs to find their objects of desire. As for the actual chatting, viewers (with free Chaturbate accounts) can chat to their hard-ons content in that fella's room (but no guarantee the model will chat back). A person can get booted for trolling or flaming or trying to swipe viewers by promoting their own room in another person's room. Is nothing sacred?!

The most popular models have their own moderators so they can focus on the business at hand, aka shaking their moneymakers. Whether the model types or speaks a word super varies, and you might not care either way. Silent models and tinny dance music are often the rule of the day. Czechoslovakia's greatest dance hits. But sometimes a guy will chat it up and that can be fucking hot.

In Chaturbate land, dollars get turned into tokens and tokens are what guys want. Except the true pure exhibitionist masturbators who won't even accept tips. They just do it out of the goodness of their kinky little hearts. And there are so many types of guys. I was on a muscular chest hunt and look what I found! That's eight pairs of muscle tits. And please let's never stop calling men's chests tits. I'm sure Noah Webster would be okay with that.

Visit Chaturbate and peep until your eyes bug out. And you could rip a hole in the space-time continuum by camming yourself watching someone else's cam on Chaturbate. Mind (and load) blown.

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