Charmants is nearly too good to be true. This incredibly classy and very high-tech sort of website links pictures to other sites from a central filter featuring glimpses of what the link represents. Now, this may seem uninspiring until one actually checks the links themselves. What opens for the curious surfer are sites and blogs of extremely excellent quality - universally so, in fact. Not only that, but a menu at the top of Charmants reveals categories such as "adult", "sports", "entertainment", "fashion" and pretty much every category under the sun in an "all" category. The "Sports" section features both American and European footballers, wrestlers and eye candy galore of the most famous studs playing games. The "adult" section is special as well - very special. It shows 'more' than the standard elements, giving the total frontal nudity we often require in our surfing and depicting men at their very best. Nor are these guys unknowns. In the end, Charmants links us everywhere with some rapidity and style. Its purpose is revealed as a center for surfing and it serves that function extremely well indeed. The categories and the excellent features which are at the other end of these links gives us a variety which is absolutely uncommon anywhere else. This is a fascinating journey.

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