Charlie Harding With His Poz Partner

Charlie Harding is one of the biggest names in the gay porn world today. He is also in a long-term relationship with Scotty Rage who is positive. Charlie is negative. Despite the advances in medicine to treat HIV, there is still this stigma dating someone who is poz. Many gay men still distance themselves from dating someone who is poz. Whether it is the fear in being infected, or having deal with a range of potential health problems, there is still that uneasiness.

To dispel myths and break stereotypes, this couple recently gave an interview with Manhattan Digest. To talk about being in a relationship where one is negative, while the other person is positive. At that point Charlie had never dated someone who was poz. Though he knew many people who had HIV, and probably had slept with guys who were poz. Once he knew about Scotty's status, he tried to absorb as much about the disease he didn't know about.

While Scotty has been positive for 14 years, the virus has remained undetectable. So they have learned how to protect themselves, and take risks that both are comfortable with. Ironically being a gay porn star, many assume Charlie is the one who is positive. Which is a bit offensive to him. The assumption being he is a bug chaser, all because he does porn for a living. But he brushes off these comments saying that Scotty's undetectable status is only a fraction of his whole make-up.

The future for this couple is to get married, retire to Florida and have a child.

To read the interview in full go to Charlie & Scotty- How an HIV Positive and Negative guy can find love

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