Chain fucking ... the stuff of fantasies. Have you ever tried it? It's hard to achieve and maintain. Everyone has to be in good shape to hold these wonderfully weird positions. And everyone's hard on has to be stiff as a rod because the first guy has to insert his cock in the front guy's ass, then they have to hold position while the next guy gets his cock inserted, and so on. And once everyone has their cock up someone's ass (except the first guy of course) then you all have to find some kind of rhythm, and heaven forbid someone's cock should slide out of someone's ass. Then the fun begins all over again. No, chain fucking is a thing of fantasy and gay porn movies. These four guys at Hot Barebacking are lined up in a hot chain fucking line. After sucking and bareback fucking in various configurations of twos and threes, they work their way up to this grand finale. Four surfer boys in raw bareback action after hitting the waves and basking in the sun all day. And now things are heating up in a different way.

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