I'm not saying I could very well need to restart my prescription of industrial strength thorazine, but was Michael Lucas's interview from the 'Auditions' series ("Auditions 38: Sluts") with Cezar Dion (formerly Phat Daddy) hot or what?


Watch how Michael navigates between Lucas Entertainment newcomer Dion and ginger treat Braxton Bond - no "relation" to Bruno Bond - ultimately focusing his attention on the Puerto Rican sex god, alternately coaxing and cajoling Cezar to reveal more about sexuality.

And as Cezar giggles embarrassedly, and as he begins to reveal the limited extent of his sexual experiences with another guy, we watch as Lucas becomes more forceful, more blunt in an attempt to coax/open up Cezar whose clearly uncomfortable - but absolutely adorable - child-like reactions indicate only mild resistance.

I guess what I'm saying is: It's really fucking hot, this flirtatious dance. But, remember, it's only a warm-up, a prelude to a really hot scene between the two where, praise be to Allah, Cezar ends up licking Braxton's ass and, in the process, breaks down another barrier in his somewhat limited sexual experience with another guy. (Well, limited if you discount the admittedly 30 films the star has done including the uber-hot "Who's Yo Daddy" with equally hot King Dingo.)

Go to LucasBlog to see the interview!

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