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Kyle King is a handsome business man who travels a lot. Several times a week he goes through airport security. It gets tiresome and tedious, so he often fantasizes about the security officers who are checking through his bags and wanding his body looking for forbidden objects.

On this business trip, King has the misfortune of coming across Bruno Knight, a corrupt security officer who takes advantage of his position as often as he can. King sets off the metal detector, but Bruno can find nothing. As he pats down King, Bruno feels King's beautiful muscle physique under his expensive suit. When King isn't looking, Knight plants a bag of white powder in King's suitcase.

In spite of King's pleading that the powder doesn't below to him, Knight hauls him off to a private room for a more thorough cavity search. Knight dons a pair of gloves and orders King to drop his trousers. After thoroughly searching King's butt with probing fingers, Knight orders this business man to suck his cock. He threatens him with incarceration if he doesn't give him some spectacular head. Not only does King give the best blowjob of his life, but he bends over and lets Knight probe his ass with his big, hard cock. By the end of this private search, King's ass is well fucked and his hard muscled body is covered with the security officer's creamy white load. Men at Play has a hot preview video of this sizzling scene, you'll want to check it out.

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