Cavin Knight Cums All Over *GIGOLO*

It's no secret that if you want to make a big splash in porn in Europe then the first stop is *GIGOLO* disco in London. This night has well-cummed many porn stars and has turned into a must for any porn fan wanting to make his mark the European market.

*GIGOLO* has had porn stars such as Jean Franko, Issac Jones, Race Cooper, Harley Everett, Harry Louis, Ben Brown, Jonathan Agassi and Tate Ryder have all stopped by to share their spunk with fans & club-goers alike.

Recently *GIGOLO* opened their doors wide open for American Porn stud Cavin Knight and he was in top form, looking fucking hot and of course shirtless! I had a chance to talk to the blue-eyed hunk and he was everything everyone has said about him. Not only is he gorgeously sexy but he is one of the most down to earth and funny guys I have ever met!

Cavin is a true professional, and it showed in his ability to talk to all his fans and make everyone around him comfortable. The night was a true and complete success and Cavin can not wait to return to London to host the hottest mid-week action night in Europe, *GIGOLO*!

For more news from GIGOLO visit their hot and sexy Fan Page!

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