If you've been as busy pushing old ladies with portable oxygen tanks out of the way at shopping plazas as I have, you'll know that December is one insane and crazy mofo! I mean, really! WTF? The last time I was this busy, I was hashing out license plates in El Paso one incarcerated summer with guys with names like 'Lobo' and 'Paco.' (We went on to develop "problematic" relationships, btw.) So, I guess what I'm saying is I simply have more porn to consume than orifices to consume it with. But I digress.

Golden Gate Episode 2

Naked Sword's original series, "Golden Gate," features a Guantanamo's Bay of gay porn stars and hotness rolled into moist, puffed pastries of I don't know what, but I'd help myself to seconds. (Oxygen tanks be damned!) In episode two, "The Island of Lost Toys," directed by Jessie Garcia, something big is about to happen between Argentinean and Raging Stallion Studios' exclusive D.O and British-born Kennedy Carter. But it is the interviews which I wish were either longer or were shown somewhere like YouTube (read: free) in a longer format, than I mined gold. For example, Carter accused D.O. of saying "dirty" things to try and trip him up on his lines, while D.O. countered that he was merely being "hot!" So what was said? (Sorry, D.O saying he hurls baby seals off of earth-moving equipment still won't change my mind. I'm just saying. There's a thing there.)

In the episode three interview - "Self-Service" with Dayton O'Connor and Rusty Stevens (I know, you're sure you slept with him), we find, after being asked what they like personally about San Francisco, that Rusty is shocked by how uneventful how he chooses to express himself on any given day is. Oh, and how easy is it to cruise. While Dayton realized he had found a home for his really tight tee-shirts.

There's more of course. Episode 4, "The Beach House,"stars Jeremy Bilding, Trente Locke and Christian Wilde, has its own interview and I would encourage you to watch that one as well.

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