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Anthony: Well, you're a newbie in the biz. For those that don't know you, go ahead and introduce yourself. How'd you get hooked up with Southern Strokes?

Cash: Cash walker is the name. I'm a texas boy, so I embrace my southern roots! I'm wreckless. I do whatever I want, when I feel like it. So, making hot porn keeps me on my toes...Or maybe all fours! ;-) how I found southernstrokes? I was just browsing sites, and the guys looked pretty good on Southern Strokes, so I decided to apply! They were interested, so we got things rolling... Quickly!

Anthony: Has gay porn always been something you wanted to do? Are you gay, bi or straight? Hope your gay because it seems like you enjoy the sex immensely :)

Cash: I never thought I'd actually do it, but I'm glad I did because it's actually a lot of fun. You are correct, sex is one of my favorite hobbies, and I'll participatewith any sexy guy or gal! I don't discriminate! If you're sexy, you're sexy! You can't help it!

Genesis and Cash Walker - Southern Strokes

Anthony: I got the chance to interview Genesis Luna before his career really took off with Southern Strokes and Jet Set Men. And you got to do a really hot scene with him for Southern Strokes. What was it like working with Genesis?

Cash: He is a cool guy, with a very nice body! ;-) I had a great time shooting with him, and wouldnt hesistate to do it again! He really knows how to work that 8 inch dick of his, and of course that's always a plus!! ;-)

Cash Walker 2

Anthony: So we've seen you top and bottom, do you prefer one over the other? What's your favorite thing to do other than fucking? Any turn-ons or fetishes?

Cash: Bottoming is more fun honestly! Blowing a huge load with a hot dick in your ass is the best feeling! Haha. But when it comes to fetishes, I'd have to say I'm a huge fan of messy facials! Giving or receiving!

Anthony: So how do you see your career progressing? Is this something you want to stick with? Do you see yourself modeling yourself after another porn star's career?

Cash: Right now, I'm kind of taking it slow to get warmed up in the industry. I'd like to eventually be all over the web and in xxx stores! I just want to make smart decisions and not just do any kind of scene that might jeopordize me from developing a successful career.

Anthony: Do you have more scenes coming out with Southern Strokes? So, when you get flown out or however you get to the shoot, do you shoot more than one scene? Are you or have you worked with any other studios?

Cash: I haven't worked with Southern Strokes lately, but I do plan on getting back up there and working my magic! They are a lot of fun to work with. They are located in texas, so they are only about 2 hrs from me. I can just drive! I usually will just do one scene at a time, but I think in the future I'll be doing a few at a time! I just got back from atlanta from shooting with! That was a lot of fun!! So be on the look out for my scene coming soon!! It will give you an instant boner, nothing less!! ;-)

Cash Walker 3

Anthony: Is there a particular Southern Strokes model you'd like to work with or maybe another performer from another site or studio? I'd love to watch you in your element, if you could direct your own scene starring yourself, how would it go?

Cash: Joey Voxx from Southern Strokes is a stud! I'd like to get in on some action with him! Also, Tate Ryder is soooo fucking sexy! I'd like to bottom for him! My life would be made! I'd even do it for free! Haha. I'd love to shoot a scene in a lockeroom shower! It has always been a fantasy of mine. Just us two casually showering.. One thing leading to another, and he would have me bent over going to work on my tight hole! The top would have to be hot, dark, and tatted! Mmmm, I'm getting a boner just thinking about it!!

Anthony: My favorite question to end on... If you could describe yourself as a performer in one word, what would it be and why?

Cash: Flexible. Using all aspects of this word....And that should obviously speak for itself ;-)

Cash Walker 4

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