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Recently, it seems as though you can't swing a dick without having some str8 guy wanting to suck on it! (That is, if the pay is right!) Yes, boys it is the "gay for pay" phenomena. Almost every porn site out there claims to have some alleged hetero hunk wanking, sucking or even taking a cock up the ass for CASH ONLY.

Some say that there is no such thing as "gay for pay" claiming that the guys are gay and are just told to "act straight" in order to get the homos all hot and bothered. Others say that a broke hetero will do ANYTHING for money and it just so happens that sucking a big juicy dick is one of those things they will do in order to make a quick buck or at least keep the electricity paid for another month.

The stages of a "gay for pay" guy are quite simple really, so if you are a curious hetero wanting to break into the world of man-on man porn follow these steps and you'll be shoving a cock up your arse in NO TIME!

  • Step 1: a simple jerk off photo shoot/video
  • Step 2: invite a hot friend to bust a nut with you while you "watch" pussy on T.V.
  • Step 3: Have a dick-worshiping fag suck your cock. (While you obviously look at more pussy on T.V - remember, you're straight!)
  • And finally, once you have done that you're ready for (drum roll please..)
  • Step 4: a BIG cum-squirting peen through your back door.

See fellas, now you too can turn on gays around the world and here's the best of it all: You don't even have to be gay, or do you?

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