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A couple of weeks ago I blogged about how fucking happy my gay ass was that none other than Porn stud Casey Williams was making a cum-back to porn. I also mentioned the fact that he was looking hotter than ever and well, word got around that I had written about him, and the incredibly "delicioso" stud wrote back. But not only did he just write back he also sent some exclusive pics and let us in on what his up and coming plans are!

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Here is what Mr.Casey Williams wrote: "I wanted to let you know that I REALLY appreciated and enjoyed the article that you wrote about me. I usually don't read articles about myself because I'm always afraid of what people say... but a friend of mine sent your article to me... I thought I would take a little time to write you and say THANKS!"

"I'm shooting again with COLT in the very near future and will be doing a project for Titan, as well. I just flew back to San Francisco from Ft. Worth where I took some pictures with a great photographer named Mark Henderson."


"I recently did an event for COLT out in the wine country this past weekend. It was a great time and I was there with Dylan Roberts and Cameron Marshall... both are super sexy and very sweet guys... it was a total pleasure and it is opportunities to meet these type of guys that make getting back in the business worthwhile."

"Once again THANKS - You are so sweet!!! "

OMG! *SWOON* Well, you are most welcome Casey! I am happy that you enjoyed the article and I am sure that all of us will enjoy what you have cumming up in the next few months EVEN MORE!

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