carsten-andersson-gay-porn-and-pop-star.jpgIf there's one thing we love in our Danish personalities, it's their porn pasts. (Seriously, what else is there?) That's why we're so excited to announce the actor-slash-model-slash-television-star-slash-soloist Carsten Andersson - Miss Carsten, if you're nasty - is giving a giant fat finger to the world if they have a problem with that, too!

"[W]ithout my porn past, I'd be just another boy with a song out. Porn has made people take notice."

Uh, yeah. Of your cock! But this coy slab of manscular beefiness was good-natured about his unique position:

"I'm open to doing more," he said. "Maybe the big shocking movie is still yet to come. ... Porn is the only job I feel comfortable with. I know my way around the bed, or on the couch, or in the barn."

Now, that's what we're talking about! Daneland rocks! Besides, isn't that what it's all about? Riding the wave? Or anything else that can be ridden. (And just in case you've recently slipped a tab of ecstasy under your tongue while racing to your nearest Rave, we've included the YouTube video "Fun" with (I thought) Carsten dubbing vocals. It's an electronica tune and guess why he did it? F-U-N. (And, don't worry, we have no idea what this song is about either.)


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