carson and harley

Carson first showed up on Corbin Fisher back in August of 2011. He's got a hot, ripped body and he's hanging an 8.5-inch cock between his sturdy legs. He's soft-spoken and sweet, but get his clothes off and he's aggressive and passionate, and he loves fucking a guy's ass.

Harley is a cute guy who did his first Corbin Fisher jerk-off scene back in November. He's still new to guy-on-guy sex, having gotten his ass fucked for the first time back at the end of last year. He's a sweet-looking guy and sports a hot uncut cock. His shaved head makes him look a little severe, but in the sack with Carson, he's tender and inviting, and this scene really shows how much he's enjoying being with another guy.

The guys kiss and Carson licks his way down to Harley's uncut cock. The guys swap head, and while this is only the second cock Harley's ever sucked, he sucks dick like a pro. And Carson's big, meaty 8-incher is a challenge. Carson fingers Harley's ass and opens him up for the big dick that's about to slide inside. As Carson pumps Harley's ass, this uncut bottom never asks him to slow down or stop. His ass just keeps accepting Carson's big dick as he gets closer to cumming.

Lying back, Harley enjoys Carson's deep ass fucking and his cock explodes all over his ripped abs. With Harley's ass gripping and pulsing around Carson's cock as he cums, Carson can't hold back any longer and he spurts his spunk load inside Harley's butt hole.This is one hot fuck scene that you're not going to want to miss.

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