Carlo Masi Blog is named after its stylish and certainly stunning host and proprietor, Carlo Masi. An obviously gifted bodybuilder, Carlo seems to be quite the webmaster as well, hosting his own site with its abundant and charming niches inside. Creative and trend-setting, there is much to like, not only with the good-natured host with his posing and stories of scooting around Milan, but with a forum and live events also. Let me hasten to add that Carlo also features other men - strong subjects of sexy brawn and good looks. Stylish and fascinating, this gorgeous COLT man gets his hot body around, from this website to his Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/CarloMasiFanCLUB. He is sort of 'delightful' - spinning a personal element into his sites in a very open and friendly manner which I find engaging and relaxing. And this in spite of his near-intimidating gorgeousness. Like that's a bad thing, eh?? This hunky and fun Italian is smooth and dreamy, but with soul. He is good to look at but he seems he would be even nicer in person. This writer really likes Carlo. I'm thinking many more will as well. Great find!

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