Carlo Cox

Imagine waking up first thing in the morning and seeing this hot fucker lying beside you in bed. You'd never get out of bed! This is Carlo Cox and he's one of my favourite gay porn stars. He stopped by UK Naked Men to give us a good, long look at his sizzling, hairy body. I love bald men, they're one of my fetishes. And if a bald man has facial hair - I'm down on my knees begging for a taste of their cock. Carlo Cox is absolutely stunning in the looks department - sexy beard, deep brown eyes, and kissable lips. And his body is nearly as perfect as you can get - muscular with a beautiful mat of hair splayed across his torso. Cox has a delicious piece of meat, too. He's not a huge man, but he's got enough to let you know you've got a nice dick up your ass. And he's a precummer, too. In this gallery he's lying back on a pile of hay, the sun peaking through the barn's roof and mottled across his body. And as Carlo Cox plays with his cock, precum oozes out of his piss slit and he rubs it across his cock head. And when your done lapping up that man juice with your tongue, you'll want to check out his smooth, shaved balls. They're perfect. I can't imagine anything finer that snuggling up in the hay with this stud and taking a cozy, afternoon nap - or something.



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