No, this isn't some new fetish or niche, but an actual medical procedure, where yes, they actually wash the sperm, one at a time. Like, talk about tiny little scrub brushes, and towels.

Okay, if you don't know what Sperm Washing is, it is a medical procedure, using a centrifuge, that removes the seminal fluid from each of those squirmy little sperm thingies us guys shoot. You know, the gooey stuff that we all love to lick, swallow, and just roll in?

Basically it is used for helping Serodiscordant Couples, conceive children. This is where the man in a heterosexual relationship, is HIV+ and the woman partner is HIV-. They want kids, so the guy shoots his load, gets it washed, and then the Doctors insert the clean shiny sperm into the woman, fertilizing her eggs with her hubbies little soldiers, and if it takes, she has a nice new bouncy baby.

So far, this procedure has yielded some kids, who have shown no signs of being HIV, nor has the mother developed HIV either. The oldest is over 11 years old, already. So that is the good news, and does sort of show you, what Medical Science can do, if it truly wants to.

What gets me, is that if they can clean the seminal fluid of the sperm, that contains the HIV virus, why can't they make a disinfectant that can be used in a condom? I mean come on, if they can shake the stuff off, surely there has to be a way to negate the stuff in other ways?

I mean you have spermacide stuff that now they say you shouldn't use with certain condoms, but if the virus is contained within the seminal fluid, surely there has to be some way to neutralize it. I mean if you can come up with ways to wash tiny little sperm cells, surely you can find a way to kill off a virus that surrounds it.

Course this whole washing process, isn't new either. Nor is the idea of washing and rinsing sperm from HIV+ donors either. It came about in the mid 1990's because there were a few Heterosexual Couples who wanted to have children, but daddy was positive.

So how many millions are infected with HIV but there isn't any cure yet, or way to prevent it's transmission?

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