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Benny is really fucking horny. He can't get enough cock and he's been running around the frat house trying to shove anything he can find up his ass. He even sticks a dildo on the fuse ball machine and has a buddy thrust the rod in and out of his hole. When he heads back into the common area he finds Grant and Ethan messing around on the couch. He likes Grant's cock and decides to get that nice dick up his ass. He doesn't care that Ethan's already sucking it, all's fair when you're horny and dying to get fucked.

So while Grant is sitting back getting head on the couch, Benny sits back on the couch across the way. He throws his legs in the air and starts fingering his hole. Grant is getting pretty turned on getting a hot wet and slippery blowjob and watching this horny bottom fingering his ass. Grant taps Ethan and the shoulder and points at this awesome butt just waiting for a fuck, so they head over and take turns breeding their dorm buddy. And that's the kind of raunchy fun these college dudes have at Fraternity X.

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